Critical Error: SiteUrls.Config

The file containing the SiteUrl Data could not be loaded.

Please contact your CommunityServer administrator. A technical explanation of why this error is caused is below.

Community Server expects to find a valid XML file containing all of the links for a community. By default, this file is located at the root of the with the name SiteUrls.config. 

A common error is to included unescaped XML characters, such as "&" when defining a querystring.

If available, the location of the error will be listed below:

タイムアウトに達しました。プールから接続を取得する前にタイムアウト期間が過ぎました。プールされた接続がすべて使用中で、プール サイズの制限値に達した可能性があります。

For more information you can also visit http://CommunityServer.Org the home of the CommunityServer Forums development team.